Frequently Asked Questions

How does renting help my business?

There are a few different ways renting can help your business! The first thing to consider is that we provide you with a close to new vehicle to drive, which not only keeps you happy but also improves your brand image if using it for a company rental. Second, we take care of all the preventitive maintenance for the vehicle; oil changes, tire rotation, and filter renewal are all covered when you rent through us. Lastly, there a number of tax advantages to renting that you can find here: Government of Canada Website

What are the requirements of renting a vehicle?

In order to rent a vehicle from us, we require you have the following: 1. You must be legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle by yourself in the province of Ontario (have a valid license of G2 class or higher). 2. A valid credit card in your name, on which, we can hold the amount of the rental plus a $150 security deposit (for incedentals like parking tickets or toll fees). 3.Valid insurance coverage for the vehicle, through your credit card or otherwise.

What if I need multiple drivers to have access to the vehicle?

For personal use: We do allow up to 2 additional driver(s) to be added to the rental contract for a small fee ($5/day) as long as they meet our criteria for rental. Business use: Additional drivers need to be discussed with our business rental manager at the time of contract negotiation, please reach out to David De Silva ( for any questions regarding business rental.

Is there a limit to the kinds of customizations I can request?

The only limit is your imagination! We offer competitive rates on upfitting and vehicle customization for renters looking to fulfill a specific niche. Visit or contact us to ask us about customizing your ride!

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